EXPLOSION, 2014 </br> 70×50 cm, tempera on paper DELINQUENTS, 2013 </br> 70×44 cm, tempera on paper ACCIDENT, 2013 </br> 100×31 cm, tempera on paper BRAEKDOWN, 2013 </br> 42×30 cm, tempera on paper PRAY, 2013 </br> 36×51 cm, tempera on paper IRREVERSIBLE, 2014 </br> 15×67 cm, tempera on paper ASON, 2013 </br> 27×70 cm, tempera on paper TOO LATE, 2014 </br> 21×45 cm, tempera on paper UFO, 2014 </br> 40×120 cm, oil on canvas SUICIDE, 2013 </br> 50×50 cm, tempera on paper LAST RESORT, 2013 </br> 30×30 cm, tempera on paper DOG, 2013 </br> 28×30 cm, tempera on paper JUMP, 2014 </br> 60×70 cm, tempera on paper FLOOD, 2014 </br> 50×70 cm, tempera on paper DANGEROUS PLAY, 2013 </br> 23×52 cm, tempera on paper DEFORESTATION, 2013 </br> 45×60 cm, oil on canvas SHOT, 2013 </br> 30×36 cm, tempera on paper DAMNATION, 2013 </br> 24×34 cm, oil on canvas FUGITIVE, 2014 </br> 50×60 cm, oil on canvas THE END, 2014 </br> 100×150 cm, oil on canvas
“Disasters, falls or fires are moments of suffer at its highest level, they are spectacular symptoms of suffer. There is something of a theatrical nature in them – a drama, a moment when the time stops for a while, and life loses its pace by reaching a turning or a final point. All what remains in between is more or less coherent narration.” (from the introduction by Agnieszka Wolny-Hamkało)

A short moment in time when a stream of thoughts crosses our mind: how has it happened? Could one avert it? Who is guilty? Offenders is a cycle about disasters and fear of them, and also about panic. The paintings depict victims rather than violators, still they refer us to the questions about origins and sense of dramatic events: are they “natural laws”, laws of physics, or imperfection of “human factor”? Blind chance, negligence or premeditation? I am interested in the moment of change of an offender status, when a violator becomes a helpless victim. He undergoes change from an active to a passive position, and becomes a silent observer aware of illusive influence on reality. It is a situation in which we lose control over our fate, and then follow the course of events resignedly.
Inertia, helplessness and inevitable irreversibility of events. Certainty when we project the effects of mysterious forces acting, and naivety when we believe that it is still not too late.