TOILET, 2012 </br> 60×80 cm, oil on canvas RIBBON, 2012 </br> 60×40 cm, oil on canvas THREAD, 2012 </br> 40×60 cm, oil on canvas SHIRT, 2012 </br> 60×80 cm, oil on canvas WIRE </br> 60×80 cm, oil on canvas MAST </br> 70×50 cm, oil on canvas LAMP </br> 110×150 cm, oil on canvas SHADOW </br> 100×150 cm, oil on canvas DUST </br> 60×80 cm, oil on canvas WIRE 2 </br> 60×80 cm, oil on canvas STICK </br> 60×80 cm, oil on canvas LANDSCAPE, 2012 </br> 50×70 cm, oil on canvas Exhibition view Exhibition view Exhibition view Exhibition view Exhibition view Exhibition view Exhibition view Exhibition view
The space after / Cvernovka Gallery, Bratislava 2012
The work realized in a framework of the “Hallo Wrocław2016! Wonderful Place” Festival

“Place - says Plato - offers hospitality to all the objects that are born. It can be seen by some kind of complex reasoning. We can hardly believe in it, we perceive it as a sort of a dream.” Everything what does exist, of necessity must be in a certain place, and although we accept this condition without any doubt – or maybe because of that – the place itself draws our attention rarely, exposing more the thing located in the place than the place itself. Such is the nature of the place. (…) The place itself, as Plato tells us, is hidden rather than shown, vanishes like a dream when we try to separate it, so if we want to look at the place, we have to be patient.
(Magdalena Grzybowska)

The Space After… shows the place itself – space without things – a hole after things. It is an attempt to describe the existence by the lack of it, in reference to Brodsky's words – the thing is the space, outside of which this thing is missing – and the Japanese concept of Ma, i.e. in between. As a result of playing with the relationship between the figure and the background, the figure becomes reduced and leaves the lonely background, whereas white silhouettes of empty spaces reveal their realistic potential. In most cases I treat the background as a screen that is complementary to the objects. Now I turn the relation: I do not paint things, but their place, the space after…
The effect of void reinforces a specific installation, the reproduction: the images have been exhibited twice. Usually, after a long time, paintings hanging on the wall left the trace, delicate shape of its silhouette. The work was first hung on one wall, then moved to the neighboring maintaining an identical location. Empty space inside the pictures will be multiplied by empty places left by pictures on the wall.