NATURE, 2012 </br> 75×65 cm, oil on canvas MORPHOLOGY 1, 2012 </br> 20×30 cm, oil on canvas MORPHOLOGY  2, 2012 </br> 24×30 cm, oil on canvas LENS, 2013 </br> 58×32 cm, tempera on paper LIGHTNESS, 2012 </br> 48×59 cm, tempera on paper ANTI-SHAPES, 2011 </br> 47×35 cm, tempera on paper IMBROGLIO, 2011 </br> 57×27 cm, tempera on paper CURVE, 2011 </br> 47×34 cm, tempera on paper MARSIAS, 2010 </br> 57×41 cm, tempera on paper O, 2011 </br> 41×30 cm, tempera on paper A FEW STRANGE WORDS, 2011 </br> 150×100 cm, oil on canvas STILL LIFE, 2012 </br> 110×130 cm, oil on canvas MORANDI, 2012 </br> 50×70 cm, oil on canvas MORPHOLOGY 3, 2012 </br> 30×24 cm, oil on canvas PROJECT, 2011 </br> 100×150 cm, oil on canvas CEILING, 2012 </br> 90×120 cm, oil on canvas DIACRITIC, 2012 </br> 55×49 cm, tempera on paper ARRANGEMENT, 2011 </br> 60×80 cm, oil on canvas GEO, 2013 </br> 30×24 cm, oil on canvas PLUS, 2012 </br> 24×30 cm, oil on canvas
Hypotheses depict fictional interiors and objects. The process of their formation is exuberant, partly liberated from the artist control. To obtain unpredictability I use techniques characteristic for informel and matter painting (dripping, lava, decals, scraping). Each picture is the result of many coincidences. Despite the fact that in the final stage the whole structure is placed in a clearly defined geometric space, the relationship between single elements is difficult to define. What is closer and what is further, what is what, and how does it relate to the environment – this is all hypothetical.
Not representing any real shape and being merely tangible equivalents of chance or an arbitrary decision of the artist, Hypotheses are the painted materialisation of things not only difficult to name, but also to project: a kind of the reification of the nonexistent.